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My Married Life: Married to Adult ADD

A few months ago I read this and thought, Oh sh#*! That's me! I'd had my suspicions that I might be an adult ADD gal, but I tend to poo-poo that sort of thing because I also suspect that nearly every personality type could be "diagnosed" as one syndrome or another. I'm also not super-open to the medication. But I digress.

Throughout my life I've had to find ways to work around my inability to focus (and my ability to get bored). In college that meant studying in one spot for 30 minutes, then moving to another for the next 30, and so on. At work that meant doing things like popping in earplugs or closing my email so that the constant interruption didn't pull me away from more important tasks.

But it's been harder to deal with in my relationship -- mostly because it never even occurred to me to think about it in the context of my relationship. Which, I know -- sounds ridiculous, especially after reading this blog in The New York Times about how deeply ADD can affect marriage. I can't count the number of fights Jack and I have had about me getting distracted by either the computer or the TV and ignoring him when he was talking. He doesn't understand that the TV has to be off, and the laptop has to be closed for him to have any chance of being heard -- and that no, it's not personal. We've been officially off TV for a while now and it definitely shows. One less distraction. One less battle. Wish I could say the same about my BlackBerry.

Can any of you relate to this issue -- either from my POV or Jack's?

-- Holly

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