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My Married Life: Married Women Who Tell All (and Then Some)

I've talked about this before: women who serve up heaving piles of TMI about the most intimate details of their marriages. My question has always been how far is too far? Now I'm not talking about message boards, which can be anonymous (though Nesties share everything, and I mean everything. I'm talking about bloggers and columnists who sign their real names at the bottom of each piece they write. Are these women actively courting divorce?

In Eric Felton's article in The Wall Street Journal, he pretty much says yes (and worse). In some cases, I agree with him. Some of the women he mentions show little regard for their husbands (Sandra Tsing Loh and Julie Powell in particular). But he also harshly criticizes Elizabeth Weil, who you may recall, I wrote about last week -- and who I don't think crossed any lines. But where I really got off the Felton bus is when he claimed that this is a wife-only phenomenon. His words: "No husband I know speaks out of school about his wife. You wouldn't trust any man who did."

I just flat-out reject that. Right off the bat, I can think of several husbands who have shared details I cannot erase from my head about their (then) soon-to-be ex-wives. Maybe that's the difference -- men tend to talk once they know it's over.

As for Jack and me, I will continue to maintain that invisible line. You'll not be reading disparaging details about our sex life anytime soon. Why? Simple: Because I want to keep having one. And because, frankly, men do see spilling sexual secrets as the ultimate betrayal. If you agree with Felton's premise but wish he weren't quite so sanctimonious, maybe you'll prefer McSweeney’s take on the same topic. I did.

Am I in denial? Do you guys think it's a woman-only thing?

-- Holly

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