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My Married Life: Men Who Do Dishes Stay Married

New data out of London states that the more a husband helps keep up the house, the lower the likelihood he’ll get divorced. The study focused on 3,500 British couples who had babies in 1970, a time when most mothers still stayed home. Before now, the prevailing thought was that marriages with the winning combo of a wife at home tending the house and a man focused on bringing home the bacon had the best outcome. But this research shows that marriages where wifey stays home and hubby works but also chips in on housework fare much better.

The study doesn’t say anything about couples that both work insane hours and live like wild pigs (it’s been a rough week) -- but my guess is the stats are pretty stinky. I think the new findings bode well though. I mean who doesn’t want proof that the little things men do to help out really do count? 

What do you guys think about this study?

-- Holly

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