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My Married Life: Men, Women and the Apartment Search

We definitely want it! It’s tiny, but it has three closets!”

My wife was practically shoving other prospective renters out the door as she described the apartment she was in to me over the phone. I knew I needed to respond quickly. I processed what she’d said, translated “We definitely want it,” to what she really meant, which was “I really want it,” made the quick calculation that Holly’s immediate happiness always translates to my residual happiness, and said “Go for it.”

It felt awesome to be so decisive. Bottom line? I hadn’t liked any of the apartments we’d seen…ever. They were all way too small. That’s par for the course with NYC. But no matter what size they were, I have to admit that it would have never ever occurred to me to take note of the closet space. When it comes to the apartment search, that’s where Holly and I are most different. She inevitably zeroes in on the closets and the kitchen cabinets. She opens each one and assesses its usefulness. I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t have a lot of stuff (it’s completely untrue, but I like to think it), which is why I don’t spend much time thinking about closet space. But I also don’t try on five outfits for every one that I wear. Holly does. And at the end of a “getting ready” sesh, she looks great. The apartment, on the other hand, looks like a bomb went off.

Slowly, I’m beginning to understand just how crucial storage actually both of us. Is it like this for you, too?

-- Jack

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