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My Married Life: Why Men Would Make Better Wedding Planners

At nearly every wedding Holly and I have attended, there's a moment -- usually in the final minutes before the ceremony -- where people start to panic that everything isn't going to happen exactly as it should. Something small happens (like the father of the bride isn't where he's supposed to be) that reveals a deep lack of organization that no extra 10 minutes of rehearsal could have prevented. I hate to say it, ladies, but that’s when you all start freaking out. We guys? Not so much.

You see, the only wedding that I, a man, have been intimately involved in was my own. During every other wedding (even when I was in the wedding party) I had the objectivity to see that, regardless of whether everything went perfectly, the couple was going to end up legally hitched, thus rendering the wedding a success.

During weddings, I often feel like I'm watching a play at a community theater. People miss their cues and flub their lines, but who cares? The mistakes are endearing. But I notice that quite a few women, regardless of their specific role, seem so emotionally invested that they've thrown that objectivity out the window.

So I think it's only logical that the person directing all this madness be a man.

Thoughts? Feelings? Venomous, raging hate mail? Hit me. I'm curious to hear what women think about this.

-- Jack

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