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My Married Life: Monique's Half Open Marriage

During the Barbara Walters Special before the Oscars,  Academy Award-winning actress Mo'Nique talked freely about having an "open marriage." But after a bit of prodding by Babs, the marriage began to sound less "open" and more "he sleeps around and I look the other way." In fact, Mo'Nique admitted to never having strayed herself.

First, let me just say that I am full of love for Mo'Nique. Her acting in Precious was breathtaking. First, because it was so utterly free of vanity -- and second because she managed to make her monstrous character into a full person. But from the bit of the interview I've seen, I'm not so sure Mo'Nique is full of love for Mo'Nique. Why else would she find it necessary to mention her hairy legs twice as she described her 25-plus year relationship? She talked about them as if, somehow, her husband's ability to love her despite the fur was comparable to her ability to accept his dalliances. Like the two issues are in some way equal! Can you imagine if Tiger Woods came out and said, "Well, Elin doesn't shave her pits, so really, the whole thing is a wash"?

I think that what Mo'Nique was really trying to say was that marriage is about complete acceptance -- he accepts her aversion to hair removal, she accepts his extracurricular sex life. But for me it does not add up. So the question becomes, when is acceptance really rationalization?

Let the angry swinger-comments begin.

-- Holly

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