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My Married Life: My Husband Is So Annoying

It's only been a few months since Brooklyn Heights resident Tiffanie Wong started blogging about her husband, Mark Joyella. Perhaps it was her divinely inspired blog title,, or perhaps it was just the extreme relateability of the subject matter, but Wong and her more annoying half have already been profiled by Today, The Early Show, The Gothamist, the NY Daily News, and countless blogs.

At first glance, I was tempted to dismiss Wong's writing as just more of the same hacky, sexist whining that I hate. Example: He never refills the ice cube trays! Wah...wah...wah. But like so many other things I've snobbishly judged as being too predictably ordinary (Everybody Loves Raymond comes to mind), eventually, it wasn't long before I stumbled across a detail that I related to -- and the giggles began.

The mundane little nugget that got me? Joyella once bought Wong a calculator for her birthday.

Early on in our relationship, Jack presented me with a huge, school-house-sized clock for my birthday. And even though I was sort of charmed by the backstory (he went into a shop hoping to buy me something for my then-new apartment and totally choked), it was still a friggin’ clock -- and therefore, pretty damn annoying.

The takeaway? My relationship is probably more ordinary/predictable than I care to admit. And Wong's blog definitely made me laugh. From all appearances, Joyella seems to be taking the blog in stride and enjoying the attention. My take: This is one of those cynical NY couples where humor is the glue in the relationship. But, of course, Wong gets tons of comments predicting that the blog will destroy the marriage.

What do you think? Hilarious or destructive?

-- Holly

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