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My Year In Review

What are your biggest dreams for the new year?

How do I feel about 2010? Whew! We made it! Over all, Jack and I kind of came out ahead, but it was by the skin of our teeth. I loved reading what the girls on The Nest boards had to say about the past year. Their 2010s sounded calm and organized from the outside -- but I'll bet it didn't feel that way from the inside. For me personally, the last year was intense but wonderful. I agree completely with Jack about the fact that our marriage is stronger than ever. I feel a new level of acceptance and unconditionality (is that a word?) between us. It's something that I've never experienced with another person, period. So that's amazing. The last year was really all about taking risks and going with my gut. So there were some super scary moments. I took a great job that ended up being a bad fit and decided to quit (not the easiest thing to do when the news is full of stats about job shortages) But I'm so glad I did, and so so glad I'm married to someone who gets it that if it feels wrong it is wrong. We definitely took a financial hit, but luckily, freelancing gigs started to pour in and we're catching up. Because of the experience, I'm trusting my instincts more and experiencing a lot more faith in the idea that we will be taken care of, no matter what (no small feat for a cynical gal like me). In addition, I've noticed that our financial goals have really grown up over the past year. There is a lot more transparency, and we talk more about where each cent is going. Not super sexy, I realize, but awesome nonetheless.
My top two goals for 2011? One is definitely to get health insurance. The cheapest kind we've been able to find (after massive research) costs $700 a month and has a hefty deductible. We still can't swing it. But I know that if I make this a priority, it will happen. Second, I want to achieve one of my big writing goals. I pledge that by the end of 2011 I will have either a book deal or a TV development deal (or maybe both?).
Okay, now you. Feel free to use this as a chance to put a BIG dream out there. We promise we won't laugh!

-- Holly

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