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My Married Life: New Game Offers Virtual Wife

Creeper alert! In addition to appearing to be about nine-years old and Japanese, the wife in Idea Factory’s “newlywed simulator” offers to do things like hold your hand while you fall asleep. Contrast that with a real life wife (you know, one that’s actually...what’s the word...alive) who doesn’t have eyes the size of her kneecaps and who asks if you remembered to take the garbage out before rolling over and ignoring your ass 'cause she's tired. (Just kidding about that last part -- but doesn't it seem kind of sick that this virtual wife was designed to be so submissive? Ick.)

I swear to you that my marriage is neither that sexist nor that sad. Moving on. How weird is this "game"? Sometimes I feel like the modern world is conspiring to keep people from ever connecting with other people. Watching the trailer of this creepy game was one of those times. Here it is. Warning, not suitable for work (think: topless Anime shower scene).


-- Holly

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