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My Married Life: Not Exactly Candidates for Hoarders but...

So remember all that talk about our new teensy apartment and how psyched I was to be going minimalist? Well, so far it hasn't exactly worked out as planned. First, the apartment went bye-bye. After an exhaustive search, I found a really lovely little thing and signed the papers. But then I found the building on this site. So after taking a Silkwood shower or two (still shuddering as I type), I killed the deal.

Since both Jack and I were starting jobs days later, we scrambled to find an emergency sublet. We got one through a friend of a friend and are currently camped in a two-bedroom that belongs to a couple of circus performers (gotta love NYC), who are on a European tour for the month. Since they are simply traveling, I know they didn't have time to squirrel away all of their belongings. But there is very little here. My first thought upon entering the place was, "Where the heck is all their stuff?" I've had this thought before when staying in sublets -- and have finally concluded that Jack and I have lots and lots of crap.

What about you guys? Do you constantly prune (who I wanna be) or keep collecting (so me)?

-- Holly

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