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My Married Life: My Favorite Oscar Moments

The Academy Awards are a ladies-only event in my house. What about you guys?

This was a pretty darn good year for movies. Personally, I loved The Fighter, Black Swan, The King’s Speech and The Social Network -- all of which cleaned up at The Oscars. But with so much good taste and, well...quality this year, the awards ceremonies can get a wee bit boring. Which is why my two favorite Oscar moments come from two women who aren't afraid to let a little imperfection leak out.

Moment number one: Melissa Leo's acceptance speech. This New York Times slideshow kinda says it all. (Side note: Lighten the hell up, NYT!) From the article: "'Truly wow,' said Ms. Leo, before beginning a rambling and emotional speech that contained profanity." Now that's a woman I want to go out for drinks with. She's brilliantly talented, totally up-front and honest (she created lots of controversy for taking out her own ads to campaign for the award), and not at all a typical Hollywood starlet. Bravo, Leo. Bravo.

Moment number two: Helena Bonham Carter shows the hell up.
Let's be honest: Bonham's awards show wardrobe choices appear to be based entirely upon dares. Either that, or she's got one long, incurable case of the f%ck-its. But her red carpet walk was particularly hilarious. It kinda helps that she's an amazing actor. She cracks me up and I love her. The end.

Just to stay true to theme (this is a newlywed blog, remember?), here are a few gorgeous red carpet couples. But I gotta admit, I've never found the Oscars to be particularly couple-y -- at least for those of us watching. Jack rarely watches awards shows -- he thinks of them as being a “girlie thing.” Is this the way it is in your relationship?

-- Holly

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