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My Married Life: Pattern to Your Problems?

Most couples struggle with the same issues over and over. What are yours?

Penelope Trunk has been one of my favorite bloggers for a long time. On the one hand, she seems to have some pretty serious impulse control issues. But on the other, she's so honest and genuine that I'm usually able to identify with, and learn from, her mistakes. In this post she writes about having the same argument over and over with her husband (cough, it's the mom argument, cough). She hasn't been able to resolve the issue, but she has been able to be honest and admit that she needs to either get out or shut up. She's not getting out, so it's all about acceptance.

Trunk is definitely not there yet (as evidenced by the picture of the couch she flung into the front yard), but she's really, really trying. My most common issue with Jack is his resistance to and fear of change (even if it's a super-duper good change). Now, clearly I'm not about to get out of the relationship. I love the dude. So the fact that I continue to nag him about something that might just be a part of his DNA is ridiculous. It's good to be reminded of that by another loving (but argumentative) couple. Do you bicker with your significant other over something that you can't control or change and that you should really be trying to accept? Spill it, please.

-- Holly