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My Married Life: A Reverend Bans Facebook?

"Quit Facebook, Save Your Marriage," Orders Jersey Minister. "And also with you," replies congregation.

New Jersey pastor Reverend Cedric Miller ordered 50 married officials from the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church to close their Facebook accounts, and he plans to suggest married congregants do the same. The reason? Miller says that he knows of 20 couples from his church who have already run into marital problems after a spouse reconnected with an old flame via America's favorite social networking site. Now, we have talked (and talked) about the pitfalls of Facebook before, but the general feedback I got from you guys was (and I'm paraphrasing): For the shady, the book of faces is just another tool to act shady with; for the upstanding and committed, it's no big whoop. Did I miss anything? Have you guys changed your minds about any of that since we last chatted? And I guess my next question is, if a request like this came from your pastor, rabbi or other spiritual leader, would you be more likely to consider closing down your Facebook account?

-- Holly