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My Married Life: Robert Downey Jr. Giving Marriage Advice?

There’s a little nothing story in Zimbio about Robert Downey Jr. telling Gwyneth Paltrow to put her marriage first. Though the story is ostensibly about Paltrow cutting back on career to make room for date night, it made me think about (besides the fact that I really want to do the same thing) was how much Downey Jr.’s life has clearly changed for the better since he got hitched.

It’s not even a stretch to say that marriage might have saved his life. I happen to love Robert Downey Jr. and am jazzed that he’s no longer hurtling down a drug-induced suicide spiral. Sometimes the right combination of love, willingness to change and one partner who supplies the necessary structure (i.e. bossiness) can really turn a person’s life around. Jack and I didn’t save each other, but we definitely saved each other from some things (we were both smokers, now we’re both not).

What about you guys? Do you know anyone whose marriage was “saved?”

-- Holly

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