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My Married Life: Romantic Idea: The Missed Connection Ad

Have you ever been the subject of a missed connection? I haven't, but one of my girlfriends just was, and I thought it was so cool and romantic. I guess my appreciation for the idea is in the air because The New York Times just ran this piece, which is a reprint of a few Craigslist missed connection posts.

I know that my father posted one of these for my stepmother (that she never even saw incidentally). Romantic and bumbling. That's my Pops. But I was thinking: Wouldn’t posting missed connection ads for each other be a great way to put a little zing into a marriage? The only problem: what the hell to post. That's when I started cracking myself up with ad tries like: “I came out of the bathroom wrapped in towels wearing an avocado face mask. I stubbed my toe on the closet door and yelled, ‘Mother!’ You looked up from your book and said, ‘That's my girl.’ I must see you again, but how?”

Have you ever been in or placed a missed connection ad? Tell it!

-- Holly

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