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My Married Life: Can You and Your Spouse Communicate With Very Few Words?

Come on in, share your weird, "psychic married" moments

This hysterical post on The Nest boards about a wife knowing exactly what her husband was (passively aggressively) trying to say without him even having to speak, got me thinking. Jack and I were once kicked out of a game of Celebrity, because we were on the same team, and I kept guessing everything right even when Jack would offer only a one-word clue. The hostess actually yelled, "It's no fair if you have a psychic connection!" It's a favorite memory because Jack and I were like, "Yeah," shrug, "We do." We just get each other. Especially when it comes to those weird little nuances. So share -- do you and your man have a similar psychic connection? Extra points if it’s funny.

-- Holly