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Would You Get Sterilized Without Telling Your Hubby?

A UK clinic is advertising a discrete (and permanent) sterilization procedure for women.

According to The Telegraph, a private UK fertility clinic is advertising a new method of sterilization for women that leaves no visible scars and can be performed during a lunch break. The clinic has gone out of its way to market the procedure as a great option for women who don't want their partners to know they've been secretly sterilized. Oh, holy mother of...never mind. Here's the thing: I can't even be judgey about this because it makes me so sad that something like this would even need to be invented.

From the story: "The clinic said the procedure was a 'particularly important option for women from cultures that frown on contraception, but who want to take control of their own fertility, possibly without their partner's knowledge.'"

I don't know about you, but I'm imagining some poor woman who's already popped out 14 kids sneaking away to have this done (though, realistically I have no idea where a woman like that would get the five grand necessary to cover the cost, but whatevs). The idea of choosing to do anything this permanent without being able to speak freely about it with your partner first? I shudder. And then I feel immediate crushing waves of gratitude over the fact that I have a real "partner" to share this kind of gigantic, life-changing decisions with.

So what do you guys think about this?

-- Holly

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