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My Married Life: "She Could Do Better"

Jack’s week got totally jacked by work (14-hour days and, oh yeah, forget about taking a weekend) so no entry from him this week I’m afraid.  Seriously, try asking a man on four hours of sleep to write a blog entry -- I dare ya. I swear he’ll be back with a double dose next week. In the meantime, have you guys seen the site Can Do Better? I first learned of it through the always deep Perez Hilton. But really, there’s nothing new about this country’s obsession with measuring beauty, particularly when it comes to Beauty and the Beast(ish) couples.

I’ll admit I’m totally guilty of it myself. I wrote an entire entry about Megan Fox and on-again, off-again boyfriend Brian Austin Green, and how (IMO) the beauty scales are not balanced in that relationship. I described foxy Fox as having received “two scoops” of gorgeous from the beauty gods, while Green got only “sprinkles.” So, like, how dare they be together? Just kidding: I never suggested that they shouldn’t be together, I just said that such a match rarely works in Hollywood. The Nest recently asked posters if they were the “reacher” or the “settler” in their relationship. The girls on the boards found the question pretty offensive and kind of went off. I say: Get over yourselves. Sure, this is super shallow and ridiculous. But guess what else? If you are a part of this culture at all this line of thinking is in your head somewhere, to some degree (however small). So what do you guys think about sites like Can Do Better or the idea of a reacher and a settler?

Let the angry comments begin .

-- Holly

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