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Hey, Married Guys -- Single Men Want Your Life!

Forget what you've heard. Single dudes dream of marriage and kids, says new survey.

Jezebel just hipped me up to the news that single men are much more into the idea of marriage and babies than popular culture would have us believe. The stats they quote are kind of confusing, so I invite you to read for yourselves. But here's the most important line from the post:
"…single men under 24 and over 50 were more likely than women in their age groups to want marriage -- for ages in between, ‘more women are interested than men, but not by all that much.’”

I totally believe this, because it's backed up anecdotally in my real life. I know lots of single guys, and most (though not all) tell me that they’re looking for the real thing. They want a family, true love, stability, a best friend, regular sex. I mean, can you really blame them?

So married guys, try to remember this the next time you’re feeling jealous of your single friends and all of their "freedom" (though trust me, your wives suffer similar pangs now and then). Bottom line: Given their druthers, your single friends would probably happily switch places with you. It's finally your turn to feel smug, married dudes. So wear it proud!

What do you think of this news?

-- Holly

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