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My Married Life: A New Fake-Sounding Disease Dreamed up by a Dude

Okay, fine -- it *might* be real. But can you really blame me for being skeptical? After all, the "disease" only came to light when presented as the legal defense for a guy who allegedly passed out at a party and was awakened hours later while having sex with a female partygoer. An article about the disorder in Newsweek said that psychiatrists found only 31 reported cases in medical literature, but suggested the low numbers could be due to embarrassment.

However, the article also quoted psychologist Michael Mangan, author of the 2001 book Sleepsex: Uncovered who claimed his website had received comments from over 1,000 sufferers. The article mentioned a man who, after falling asleep each night, initiated sex with his wife -- and I guess she only became bothered when he started snoring! It also listed several men who masturbated while (supposedly) sleeping, then routinely passed up sex with their partner while awake. 

I dunno. I'm gonna have to call shenanigans on this one. Besides the fact that I just flat-out don't believe it. I think that if you scratch the surface with any of these sleep disorders, you uncover something else, like prescription drug abuse (remember all those people who were driving and killing people or eating entire meals while snoozing on Ambien? 

What do you think? Does this one pass the smell test to you? Or do you think it's just a few guys who got busted masturbating (or attempting much, much more) thinking on their toes?

-- Holly

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