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My Married Life: I Look Like a Total Dirtbag When Jack's Away

Confessions of a not-so-secret slob.

After reading Jack's entry from yesterday, I figured it was my turn to step into the confession booth. After all, fair is fair, right? Let me paint you a picture of what things look like when Jack’s not around. But first, let me apologize to your imagination, because it isn't going to be a pretty one.

First of all, it's nearing noon; I'm wearing sweats and a super-soft T-shirt -- in short, exactly the sort of work uniform readers have eviscerated me for wearing in the past (because, “like IT WILL RUIN YOUR MARRIAGE!”). I would describe my hair as looking inadvertently avant garde. In fact, the giant snarly mass has a vaguely Victorian vibe.

But before you start imagining me in turn-of-the-century France, you should know that I'm anchoring this high-fashion look with a giant pair of Uggs. Oh, yeah. That's right. Bow-chicka-bow-wow. Sing it! Listen people, my super-hot husband isn't around, it's fuh-reeeee-zing upstate already, and I'm a little busy getting our little house on the friggin’ prairie all ready for winter. So forgive me if I look a bit haggy.

Yeah, I'll get it together and step up the cuteness before I drive down to see Jack. But if no one's looking, what's the harm in slobbing out occasionally? Is this just me, or do other ladies get lazy in the looks department when no one's looking?

-- Holly