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My Married Life: Husband Faces Possible Jail Time for Snooping

What's next? Will his wife get ticketed for cheating?

A Michigan man who read his wife's email and discovered she was having an affair with her ex-husband is facing up to five years in prison for snooping. Turns out, he's being prosecuted for violating a Michigan statute designed to protect businesses from corporate espionage. Divorces just seem to get more ridiculous and convoluted every day, don't they?

But don’t freak out if you’ve ever taken a quick peek at your partner’s email. According to the lawyers, there's enough of a gray area that the defendant, Leon Walker, has a good chance of getting off. For instance, the couple shared both an apartment and a computer, which makes it harder to believe that the wife expected complete privacy.

My opinion? I’ve blogged about Internet snooping many times before, and I always recommend not doing it. But the truth is, spying on a significant other online is rarely the cause of relationship problems; it's usually more of a symptom. In other words, suspicion drives the snooping, and suspicion typically results from trust issues.

I once checked an ex-boyfriend's Internet history only to confirm my suspicion that he was a serious porn addict (oh, what a festive, fun time that was in my dating history!). In that case, I needed to see the evidence, and I still don't regret my snoop. Meanwhile, my little sister recently found an open window on her laptop that turned out to be her boyfriend's Gmail account. She "accidentally" read an email from his ex-girlfriend, in which my sister’s beauty was repeatedly (and very rudely) questioned by the ex-girlfriend. Now she's not sure what to do about it, because really, her boyfriend didn't sin and she was the one who snooped. Of course, she feels like total crap and knows she wouldn't if she'd simply closed the window in the first place.

So what do you guys think about stuff like this? Does this guy deserve to do time over busting his cheating wife online? Or is a little detective work okay sometimes?

-- Holly

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