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My Married Life: Snooping Through Your Partner's Inbox

This post on The Frisky kinda blew my mind at first. But then I thought, “You know what? This is probably pretty common.” A guy wrote in that he'd "guessed" his girlfriend's email password and had been compulsively reading her email ever since. The Frisky advice guru proceeded to rip him a new one, and rightly so. But the thing about snooping is -- it's really the snooper who gets burned.

So there's almost no point in heaping on further punishment. There's an old saying: If you go looking for heartache, you'll find it. I should know, I definitely snooped on past boyfriends. And each time, I wouldn't stop until I found something. Once (cough, three times) I found nude pictures of their exes. Once (and yes, I dumped him immediately) I found racist propaganda, and several (cough, a hundred) times I found tons of porn in their computer history. But I stopped snooping when I stopped getting into miserable relationships. Now, every so often I'll use Jack's computer when he's still got tons of windows open, and I'll always have a flash of, "Am I going to totally invade my husband's privacy?" And then I don't. But I have girlfriends who still do it. Usually, it's because they are having other problems in their marriage and they are looking for answers. But it's possible that they do it "just because."

Do you snoop through email? Or has your email been snooped on by your spouse?

-- Holly

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