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Got a Cure for the Snow Blues?

The 300th snowstorm of the season is upon us, and I've got serious flake fatigue. Any tips?

It's snowing again. Big, fat, beautiful flakes. But unlike the last 5 to 10 times it’s snowed like crazy, I'm having a hard time giving this one a positive spin. Truth is, I'm worn out. I'm sick of shoveling like a madwoman just so the mail carrier can deliver my mail (I'm upstate, and Jack's in the city). I'm sick of trying to get my little doggy to go to potty in this weather (he’s been known to hold it for upwards of 20 hours in protest). I'm sick of slipping on ice and falling on my butt like an old woman. I'm sick of digging the car out. I'm sick of not being able to walk anywhere. If you're single, I feel bad saying this, but winter sucks without a husband. This sort of thing is just much easier to tackle as a pair. Okay, I think I'm done. No, wait, I', I'm done. Thanks -- it felt good to whine.

So here's my question: What are your cures for the winter blues? I can only think of one right now and that's hot cocoa, which I am currently sipping as I pout and shake my fist at Mother Nature. Alright. Now you.

-- Holly

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