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Does Your Spouse Have Any Bad Tattoos?

Do you openly mock them, ignore them or lie and say they’re cool?

This post on boards got me thinking about marriage and bad tattoos. Jack and I both have a bunch of tattoos. For a girl who never loved a guy who didn't play music, and a guy who…well, always played music, our tattoo collection isn’t super-surprising. Tattoos have been pervasive in our social circle for so long that I think it's more rebellious when people don't have any. And when you gather so many tattoos under a single roof, you can bet that at least one or two of them are going to be completely redic.

Now, ye who are without sin can cast the first stone (i.e., call me a meanie), but I am from the school of openly mocking bad things. Jack has one tattoo that he's had for so long it looks like green spaghetti. Every once in a while, I will notice it all over again and marvel out loud at its horribleness. Luckily for Jack, I have one that's almost exactly as bad (think: black squiggly viny things on my ankle). So he's too busy mocking me back to feel bad.

So tell me, does your partner have any bad tattoos? Are you nice about it, or not so much?

-- Holly

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