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Springsteen Blamed For Failed Marriage

Springsteen is breaking up marriages y’all. Where? You guessed it: Jersey, baby. According to The New York Post, Springsteen is at least partly to blame for the collapse of the marriage between New Jersey couple, Arthur and Ann Kelly. The story is that Ann was befriended by “The Boss” at her ritzy gym -- where he apparently told her she had "the nicest ass" in the joint. Though Mr. Kelly alleges a full-on affair took place, there is only proof of flirtation (albeit pretty hardcore) and Mrs. Kelly's mounting obsession with Springsteen which she seems to have made no secret of.

Celeb angle aside, the question is -- when does an affair become an affair?

From where I'm standing, even if nothing physical ever happened between Springsteen and Kelly, the mere fact that she was publicly mooning over him like some junior high pom squad reject, and that he was doing all kinds of inappropriate things to stoke the flames is enough for me to wanna go out and buy a Team (Mr.) Kelly T-shirt.

What do you guys think? Do people have to do the deed for it to be an affair?

-- Holly

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