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My Married Life: "Stop Slurping!" and Other Couple Fights

Jack bites his fork when he eats. There, I said it. Wow, just reading that back to myself now, it sounds crazy petty (because it is). Jack's overall manners are amazing. He's a total door holding, yes ma’m-ing, gentleman. But he does have a food-related habit or two that bugs the hell out of me.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this is a really common point of contention between couples. Truth is, we all do weird things around food and we all feel self-conscious about it. I happen to have been raised by a mom who forbade any audible mouth noises at the table (which explains why I am still hyper-sensitive to hearing them). Jack must have noted my uptight vibe early on because he prefers to have music playing while we eat (smart guy).

For the most part, we have great dinners together. But I have a few friends who chew with their mouths open, and I sometimes can't handle it at all. I sometimes actually have to get up and leave the table because I'm so grossed out.

Does your spouse do anything at the table that grosses you out? How do you deal?

-- Holly

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