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My Married Life: How Big Is Your Student Loan Debt?

One undergrad spent $200K on her degree!

This article from Gawker blew my mind! I had no idea that an undergrad degree could come close to costing $200,000 in loans. I mean, I knew that schools like Northeastern (where the graduate featured in the story, 23-year-old Kelli Space, got her degree) were expensive; I just didn't realize how far tuition costs could go. In this girl's defense, no one in her family had ever attended college, so her parents weren't exactly savvy about the whole "debt versus projected earning power" debate. They were probably just excited and proud when she got in and assumed that the school's Bursar's Office wouldn't steer them wrong. Looks like they were wrong about that, and they’ve got a fat bill to prove it. Obviously, Space's experience represents an extreme, but having student loan debt in your twenties (and often well into your thirties) is pretty common. Which means, there are a ton of young married couples who are saddled with double the student loan debt. When Holly and I got married, she owed about $10,000 still, and I owed zero. So we were pretty lucky. But I have to admit, if Holly had owed as much as Kelli, it would have freaked the hell out of me. How about you guys? How much did you and your spouse owe in student loans when you got married? How'd you deal with your debt?

-- Jack