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My Married Life: Survey Says: Women Peak at 31

QVC, the sociological geniuses that they are (sarcasm, maybe you've heard of it?) is busy publicizing a poll they just released about women, age, and confidence. The key result? That beauty and confidence peak at 31 and go downhill ever after. A quick informal poll of this household (I asked Jack) begs to differ.

According to dear hubby, 31 was not my hottest and most confident year. In his opinion I have enjoyed several hotter and more confident years, including (but not limited to) 27 and 32. Jack said he had a hard time choosing because I've had so many hot and confident phases (I should totally marry that dude) and I'll admit, this was one of my favorite conversation topics we've ever had.

Narcissistic much? Who me? Nah!

Women -- spill it. What was your most attractive and confident year so far?

-- Holly

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