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My Married Life: Tales of a 1950s Housewife

One blogger tried it and lived to tell...

Jen Byck, the awesomely awesome blogger over at, recently did a two-week experiment in which she lived like a 1950s housewife. We're talking food (think: JELL-O molds and ketchupy "spaghetti sauce"), cleaning (think: 21 tasks to do before lunch), and everybody's favorite category, "making his home life as relaxing and supportive as possible." I don't know why, but that last category just doesn't gag me quite as much as you might think. Lately, I’ve actually been thinking about what I can do to make Jack's home life as relaxing and supportive as possible. But before you call the feminist police and file a complaint against me, hear me out. I honestly don't think there's anything degrading or subservient about having goals like that. Besides, isn't Jack's home life really our home life? So anything I do to bring more mellow to our shared downtime is really for our common good. Right?

Wondering how it all shook out for Jen and her husband? Well, not so hot in the food category. She and hubby both gained some weight and ate some serious grossness in the name of But it went really well in other areas. They felt way more connected after sharing two meals a day together, and they saved lots of money by eating in and entertaining at home. Do any of you live like this now? I'd love to hear from some stay-at-home wives about what works and doesn't work for you. Please break off some knowledge.

-- Holly