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News Flash: Ladies, Your Tears Are a Turnoff

So that's why you haven't been getting any!

A new, widely reported study on human emotional tears has concluded that crying "dampens" male arousal. To me, the study seems pretty convoluted (read this play-by-play in The New York Times and see what I mean). Researchers sought out women who admitted to being easy criers and then had them watch super-sad movies to get the waterworks going. Next, the tears were collected in vials, and as a control, saline was also trickled down the women's cheeks and collected. Finally, men were shown the European (read: more explicit) version of the film 9 1/2 Weeks (I can't make this stuff up people!), while MRI scans displayed the level of arousal in their brains. Then they were asked to sniff the women’s tears or the saline. The results? The real-tear sniffers showed less activity in the arousal regions of their brains. Whew, I'm tired just from typing that out!

The final conclusion drawn was...wait for it...tears are a big ole man turnoff!

I'm going to have to go with "duh" on that one. Though I'm skeptical of the scientific validity of any experiment with this many steps involved, I am relieved that they at least concluded something obvious. And I think this is a good time to confess that I am an easy crier, a frequent movie crier and an occasional ugly crier. Do I care that this might be a turnoff to my sweet, adorable hubby? Oh, hell no! Because, as the ladies from Jezebel so eloquently put it, "if we're sobbing, we probably don't want sex right now.

Still, I know there are probably some women who love a good shag right after a good cry—are you one of them?

-- Holly

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