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My Married Life: The Bachelorette's Fiance Has a Roving Eye

Okay, I'll admit that I know next to nothing about this year's Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and even less about her fiance Roberto Martinez. But this Jezebel post about Martinez's alleged wayward eyes got me thinking. We've all had knucklehead boyfriends who couldn't keep their eyes in their head. Okay, I'll speak for myself -- I have been unlucky enough to snag a few such winners. But I'll chalk most of their crimes up to youth and poor impulse control.

I know Jack checks out other women because he's...well, alive. But he has the good sense to either avoid doing it when he's with me or in such a stealth-like manner that it is completely undetectable to me. So it's a nonissue for us. But I know some women who think that if their husband looks at other women, he might as well be cheating. So what really constitutes a roving eye? When is looking a problem?

-- Holly

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