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My Married Life: The Moment You Fell (Hard) for Your Spouse

In this uncharacteristically positive Perez Hilton post, Russell Brand talks about the moment he fell in love with his fiance Katy Perry. The details are pretty darn cute. Of course, I remember the exact moment that I knew Jack was the one. It was already clear that I was scary into him, but I hadn't yet admitted to myself that I was really-truly falling in love. We were making out at his scary bachelor pad and there was music playing really low. Suddenly I stopped kissing him and strained to listen to the song that was playing. I realized that we were listening to a band that about three people in the entire universe had heard of and that I LOVED.

Now, in case you don't already know, Jack and I are the type of music snobs that people are always making fun of. We are stereotypical music freaks -- who've spent many nights tracking entire albums (yes, I said albums) with no talking allowed. Ah...memories. So while that moment might not resonate with many of you, it still gets me all fuzzy and sentimental head-tilty. Because in that moment, I just knew.

Okay, lets hear about the moment you fell in love with your spouse. No story is too cheesy!

-- Holly

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