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My Married Life: There's Another MML Blog (and it's Evil)

I don’t know what possessed me, but last night I Binged the name of this blog. Turns out, there’s another blog by this very name. (Wait! Don’t rush over to check it out!). It’s written by a married woman who uses the blog to chronicle her numerous infidelities. I repeat, do not Google it yet. Here’s why: Most of the material is so far from being suitable for work that you should definitely wait until you get home before even thinking about giving it a browse. Put it this way: Her followers’ photos alone were inappropriate enough for me to forgo the usual embedded link.

I guess the first question is: Why is this woman blogging about her infidelities...and in detail, no less? The easy answer is that she wants attention. But in the age of Internet porn does anyone really give a rat’s a#* about erotica? The picture this woman paints of her domestic life is one of cliched, corporate drudgery. She’s your classic sleepwalker -- married to a stiff (because...that’s what you do) and has a daughter (because...that's what you do). But surprise, it's not enough. I'm not going to say that she's deeply unsatisfied because that alludes to an inner depth that I saw no sign of on her blog. I'll just say that she's bored (she actually says as much in the blog) and lazy (my words). Too lazy and bored to try to get what she needs from her husband or to leave him and pursue her extracurricular interests full time. My guess is that hubby provides her with some type of financial security, but I might be making that up just because it makes her seem more loathsome (at least to me).

I hate this woman, but you know what? I know this type of checked-out, oblivious husband too. I feel like the institution of marriage deserves better. What do you think? Does it matter to you guys that she’s not emotionally involved with the many, many, many men she shtups?

-- Jack

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