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My Married Life: What Do You Do That Annoys Your Husband?

Quick! Rattle off five things fast.

This super funny thread on the started me on this line of thinking. So I'll jump right into the confessional booth. First, let me just say that this list represents only the teenie-tiniest tip of the iceberg. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a very annoying wife. And often intentionally so. Why? Mostly because I think it's kind of funny. And as you've probably figured out, I'll do almost anything for a laugh (even if it means I'm the only one laughing). And now, I leave you with my list.
1. Whenever a horrible song comes on the radio, I will look at Jack with complete earnestness, grab his hand, and say, "This song has really helped me through a lot of hard times." I have been doing this for the entire 10 years we have been together. For whatever reason, I still find it hilarious. Jack, not so much.
2. I sometimes attempt to touch his bare feet. This gives him the creeps -- I still don't totally get why.
3. I interrupt him. A lot.
4. I critique his parking.
5. I attempt to talk to him in the morning pre-coffee.
Next up -- Jack's version. Now, your turn! Share the top five things you do that annoy your husband.

-- Holly