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My Married Life: Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star

While browsing boards this week, I was surprised to see how many married Nesties copped to peeing with the door open in their homes. While several explained they were parents of young children and feared a toddler meltdown if the door were closed, others said it was just a habit. Just in case you don't remember my stance on such things, allow me to refresh your memory with a post I wrote about having a fart-free marriage.

Though many of you are sure to comment that I'm an uptight prude who doesn't understand that marriage means sharing everything, surprise: I'm against it. To me, happiness is separate bathrooms. Yes, I realize that this is not always possible (listen, before we bought this house, Jack and I never lived in a space bigger than 750 square feet), but if your home allows for this level of privacy, why on Earth wouldn't you take advantage of it?

Is everyone in the mood for a little vocabulary lesson from Webster? No, you either? Whatever. Let's all get to learnin'.

Pronunciation: mi-ˈstēk
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from mystique, adjective, mystic, from Latin mysticus
Date: 1891
1: an air or attitude of mystery and reverence developing around something or someone

Now come on people, doesn't that sound a little bit dreamy?

Let's hear it. What your pee policy?

-- Holly

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