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My Married Life: Truth: Do You Ever Have Pangs About Your Wedding?

I was reading a random Miss Manners column (I loves me some etiquette) when I came across a question from a newlywed woman who was having a hard time getting over things that went wrong at her wedding. Miss Manners was not at all sympathetic and pretty much told her to tighten her diaper and shut up. The people who left comments were even worse -- they questioned the bride's entire value system as if caring how the wedding went meant she was childish and shallow and therefore not really ready for marriage.

I disagree. Even the most independent women in this country have been bombarded with wedding porn since birth. So even those of us who opted for nontraditional ceremonies, or super-casual receptions, have expectations for how our wedding day will go (even if we don't realize we have them). Lots and lots of things went wrong at my wedding. Most, I was able to laugh off and forget about as they happened. A few though, like the fact that my photographer turned out to be completely incompetent, were harder for me to get over. I didn't complain about it very much because I feared a Miss Manners-style response from people. Still, I was pretty bummed for a while. So does that mean that I'm a child who shouldn't have gotten married because I don't understand the true meaning of whateverthehell? My awesome marriage begs to differ.

So I'm opening up the door. Is there anything that went wrong at your wedding that haunted you for a while afterward? Come on in and tell us. We promise not to call you a big baby.

-- Holly

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