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My Married Life: Try These Sex Card Positions Without Laughing

A few months ago, our editor at The Nest sent us a deck of cards called "50 Wild Sex Positions You Probaby Haven't Tried." We snickered at the photos when they first arrived (each position is demonstrated by models). Maybe it’s because we have so many starving actor friends, but all we could focus on were the poor models. We agreed that posing for sex cards had to be the worst gig of all time. But we forgot about them pretty quickly.

So, the cards were gathering dust, when our editor dared us to give them a whirl. My complete inability to pass up a good dare tells you everything you need to know about my maturity level. Luckily, Jack was also game, so once again we cracked open the box.

Immediately, we were reduced to side-clutching laughter. Everything about the cards seemed hysterical. From the hairless, super-ripped male model who looked like he might rather be doing this with his friend Steve to a few positions that appeared to have been made up long after the author ran out of ideas, i.e., “Genie in a Bottle.” Um, last time I checked, that one was called a “BJ.”

But, eventually, we were able to settle down and pick out a few. Jack kept cracking me up by saying, “Well, for the sake of journalism…” and “Here’s another one in case that one doesn’t work out.” I vetoed anything that looked too same-old or required massive upper-body strength. We ended up with a nice little stack on the nightstand.

I’m not going to tell you which ones we did, but I will say we broke out of our routine and did some stuff we definitely would not have tried otherwise. So, even though we are a pretty cynical pair, who can (sometimes) be a bit too cool for school, we definitely had a shag-tastic time.

Final verdict? These deserve a recommendation despite the sometimes-cheesy photos. Bonus: Sharing a good, hard laugh in bed is romantic!

I dare you guys to try something similar -- and please, let me know if you do!

-- Holly

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