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My Married Life: Using Yelp (and the Like) for Good or Evil

This article in USA Today talks about the lengths that hotel managers have to go to in order to stay on top of online reviews from sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Part of me loves these online review systems. But another part of me feels for the managers. After all, we know that a single unhappy person is way more likely to fire off a bilious review than her perfectly satisfied counterpart.

Here’s the thing. I still have friends who wait tables, and more than one of them has been fired for generating a single bad Yelp review (for transgressions like hesitating to split a check nine ways -- talk about annoying). Now, Jack and I have had our fair share of where’s-the-hidden-camera-level bad dinners, but for some reason, neither one of us likes to complain. Maybe it’s because of all the hours we toiled in service industries ourselves -- or maybe it’s because many of our friends still do. Regardless, it’s strange how complaint averse we both are when you consider how assertive we are in other areas.

So many of my best friends are the opposite. They figure, if they’re spending money to go out to eat, they deserve to leave the restaurant feeling happy.

What about you: Are you part of a complainer couple or a let-it-go couple?

-- Holly

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