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My Married Life: Vacuuming as Foreplay

I just read a great article in Cosmos Magazine that says American men who chip in more on household chores could be getting more nookie because of it. The thinking: When husbands or boyfriends shoulder more of the workload, women in their lives feel better about them in general, and that translates to more shagging. I can't help thinking that these women probably feel a bit more rested, and less worn out, which is bound to be another contributing factor. Full disclosure: Nine times out of 10, if I'm not dying to do it, it's because I'm too friggin’ tired.

But here's the thing: In my relationship, I'm the one who wants more sex -- not Jack. And while Jack is super-sensitive and way less cro-mag-ish than 90 percent of the husbands of the world (in my humble opinion, of course) he still does way, way, way less housework than I do. So what's going to happen if he steps it up and starts cooking me dinners or (gasp) cleaning up his whiskers from around the sink? Will I just start wandering around the house nude at all hours of the day with a sign around my neck that says, “Gimme some”? I shudder to think.

What do you think -- if he did more housework would you do more...him?

-- Holly

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