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My Married Life: Wanna Stay Married? Don't Live Here

I just read a really interesting post on MSNBC about how certain cities are particularly tough on marriages. The stats, which all come courtesy of Men’s Health, took into consideration divorce rates, percentage of the population that has divorced, and the number of licensed marriage and family therapists.

I wonder what else effects these numbers? My guess is that finances play a big fat role. In other words, cities that are economically depressed will always have higher divorce rates. But I think stigma (or lack of stigma) also plays a role. I’ve lived in eight different cities and definitely lived places where people took divorce really seriously and did everything possible to avoid it as well as places where people just kind of shrugged, split, and remarried (rinse, repeat).

But have you ever lived anywhere that you felt negatively impacted your marriage (besides those three weeks you had to live with your mother-in-law)? Do tell.

-- Holly

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