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Super-Weird Couples

Is she really going out with him? Do opposites ever really work out?

Because she made the mistake of, gulp, speaking to him in public, cool Connecticut babe Chloe Sevigny has been romantically linked to Jersey Shore's Pauly D. Sevigny was a great sport when asked if she was dating the DJ, saying, "I wish, because that would be hilarious." But this whole idea of people from two completely different worlds dating made me wonder -- does that ever really work out?

When I was young and playing the field, I liked to think that the possibilities were endless; I could wind up with a banker, a professor, a sports guy (note: I couldn't even imagine a specific sport -- my knowledge and interest were and still are that limited). But in reality, I really only ever liked musicians. I tried to date more buttoned-up types for the sheer novelty, but I tended to find them quite boring, and they, in turn, found me too weird. Which is not to say that Jack and I aren’t from completely different backgrounds. (We are.) But we just happened to have very similar interests and lifestyles by the time we met and fell in love.

So I'm asking: Did any of you fall for someone completely different from yourself -- and did it work? Tell us! I'm super-interested.

-- Holly

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