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My Married Life: What Housekeeping Duties Do you Skip?

Last week, the girls on boards were dishing on the cleaning or housekeeping duties they don’t care about and therefore ignore. Personally, I could live the rest of my life without ever making another bed. However, for his own sanity, Jack tucks in our sheets, fluffs the pillows and smooths out the comforter every single morning. 

But don’t get too excited. Even though Jack’s usually much cleaner than I am, he never seems to notice bathroom grime, which drives me nuts. It’s weird -- almost everyone has at least one area that they’ve mentally checked off as “not counting” when it comes to what constitutes a clean house. What’s even weirder is how unique they are. Some people think it’s totally reasonable to let dirty dishes pile up in the sink, yet they keep every other area of their home spic and span. Others think a single cereal bowl left out in the mad dash out the door in the morning is a sign of pure depravity (but don’t dare look inside their laundry room). So funny, judgy, and totally unpredictable -- right?

So tell me -- what do you skip -- and what do you think should never be skipped?

-- The Nest Editors

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