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My Married Life: What’s Up With Celeb Couples Who Renew Their Vows?

Gawker has a funny post about celeb couples who insist on renewing their vows all of the time. I’ll admit, I think it’s cute the way that Heidi Klum and Seal do it (every single year with a different wacky theme). For them, it seems like a date to plug back into their marriage and refocus on what really matters. But for most of these people (I’m sure Speidi has a recommitment ceremony on the books), I’m pretty sure that it’s just another look-at-me-please-look-at-me moment. 

To be honest, it seems so desperate and superficial. I mean there are aspects of our wedding that would be amazing to replay every five years or so (our party went into the wee hours of a hot summer night -- some guests jumped in the pool and others grabbed guitars). But I doubt that Jack and I will ever feel the need to don wedding attire and repeat any kind of official ceremony. We don’t really need a crazy event to remind us that our marriage is a big deal that deserves attention.

What about you guys? Have any of you “renewed?” Or would you?

-- Holly

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