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My Married Life: When an Ex Comes Back Again...and Again

The symptoms? Your spouse's ex from a million years ago sends an email saying she/he "needs to talk," or more annoyingly, "needs closure." The diagnosis? RomCom goggles. (Leave it to the Jezebel babes to coin the perfect phrase.)

The term perfectly describes the combination of delusion and denial required to drive an otherwise sane person to think that contacting a now-married ex is a good idea. For in romantic comedy land, that now-married ex is sitting, clutching a giant cup of coffee, staring out a window, pining for said ex, and wishing for closure. In real life, closure happens whenever you break the hell up, and there's pretty much nothing that warrants an in-person autopsy of an ancient history relationship. From the Jezebel threads, I gather that this craziness isn't all that rare.

Has it ever happened to you? Or were you ever the one wearing the RomCom goggles?

-- Holly

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