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My Married Life: Where Did My Summer Go?

“Summer sucks dude.” That’s what a friend of mine said as we settled in for a Saturday morning train ride to the country. He was headed to his in-laws, and I was headed to our place upstate. We had been trying to figure out a weekend when we could get together with the wives and have a relaxing dinner. I’d already run through my calendar -- parents coming to visit next weekend, a wedding the weekend after that, a mountain of home repair projects the weekend after that. His calendar was nearly identical. I started to realize he was right -- there’s nothing relaxing about summer!

All these wedding invitations that held the promise of fun in April became a mathematical equation by June -- 12 weekends minus five weddings equals...ugh, not enough. And then there are a million around-the-house projects to knock out. Longer days? More pressure to work on the house. As a guy with an old house, I subscribe to various renovation magazines that tend to include summer weekend to-do checklists (think: weekend one: build a complete deck, trim roses, etc.). As I read them, I see the seven remaining weekends evaporating.

We spend all winter long looking forward to this season that holds so many possibilities -- forgetting to budget time to do nothing. So I’m booking two weekends right now (yep, two entire weekends) to sit around with a glass of lemonade. There, I just wrote it on the calendar with a Sharpie.

Is this just a guy thing -- or do women feel like their summer gets stolen each year too?

-- Jack

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