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My Married Life: Who Has the Keys to Your House?

I was reading this post on boards about who people give keys to their house to. I thought it was kind of interesting how different Jack and I are about things like keys, locks, and in general. I have given out keys to several of my best friends. Yes, I do it so that they can help take care of our pets when we travel. But I also do it so that they can let themselves in and borrow a dress for a special occasion or a pot when they are cooking something and find they don't have the necessary vessel.

To me, that's the feel of a great friendship -- casual, open, easy-breezy. I should say that I'm a person who tends not to lock doors in the first place. Meanwhile, Jack locks the door when he goes outside to mow the lawn. I can promise you that he has passed out exactly zero keys to his friends (we have no nearby family) and would never do so without having a talk with me first. That's just his style. He's very exacting about everything. I'll bet he'd hate it if a friend of his just popped over and let themselves in. Or worse, went through his closet to find something cute to wear.

How about you? Who has keys to your pad?

-- Holly

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