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My Married Life: Who Makes the Plans in Your Relationship?

This article in Glamour asks: Who makes the plans in your relationship? While I try to avoid writing about topics that will make my marriage sound horribly cliched (full disclosure: sometimes it totally is), I’m going to dive right in on this one. Surprise! I, Holly, am the one who makes the plans in the relationship. This is not because Jack has problems coming up with things to do. It’s because when given the choice, he’d prefer just not to have a plan at all. In other words, his plan is to not have a plan -- as in “I planned to sit here and play guitar all night, and this conversation is encroaching upon my plans.” 

I however, love me some plans. I make them all the time and rarely have an unscheduled moment. Note to self: Plan more of those.

When forced, though, Jack is capable of making awesome plans. I put him in charge of our honeymoon, which was a tall order considering our limited budget and my extreme pickiness. But he pulled it off big time. It was definitely the best vacation we’ve ever taken (I still daydream about it). But sometimes, I do wish that he’d make some plans for us without having to be prodded into it first.

What about you guys? I would love to hear from a couple where the man makes more of the plans. Does that actually happen?

-- Holly

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