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My Married Life: Why Do Husbands Hold on to Their Holey Underwear?

I was on, LMAO (to use the colloquialism of the intertubes) over the fact that this Nestie posted multiple pics of her husband's ratty old underwear after discovering it in the dirty clothes. It was one of those laughs, where the second my smile faded, I realized I was in a total glass-house situation.

In short, I have totally busted Jack actually wearing boxer briefs that looked like a spider web with an elastic waistband. When confronted (aka pointing and laughing), he said that they were his emergency underwear, a comment that slayed me in its own right, as I immediately found myself picturing real-life emergencies and wondering how his busted old briefs might save the day.

Of course, what he meant was a laundry emergency. That's what all the husbands mean when they say it. At the time, we were still sending out our laundry to the fluff-and-fold, so I just walked away shaking my head. But these days, since we’re sporting a brand-new washer and dryer, I'm gonna have to go zero-tolerance on him.

So funny! Does your husband have a pair like this?

-- Holly

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