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My Married Life: Why I'm Thankful Thanksgiving Is Over

Photo by Antonis Achilleos

We made it! Thanksgiving came and went without a hitch. Okay, without a ton of hitches. One of my pies never set up, and an unnecessarily complicated corn recipe that I tried came out so freakishly chewy (think: floss required) that I bagged it at the last minute. Luckily, I work in volume. So a botched pie or two can sail through unnoticed.

The meal was yummy, and Thanksgiving itself was relatively stress free. Things weren't always this way. My immediate family is funny, unbelievably interesting, and unpredictably combustible. So you never know what's gonna happen around the dinner table when they visit.

On the other hand, Jack's family (still here as I type) is overly doting and anxious, but absolutely dripping with manners. So even though they sometimes try my patience with their endless niceties, I'll take a drama-free holiday dinner anytime. I know, it sounds boring, right? But seriously, when it comes to dinner with relatives, I think excitement is overrated. Sure, playing hostess wore me out a little bit -- but ultimately, I was left feeling lucky that I have such sane, sweet in-laws.

How was your TG? What worked? What didn't? Any complete disasters?

-- Holly

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